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Yuhme: The World's Most Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Conscious products typically fit into one of three categories: ethically produced, environmentally friendly, or give-back. A product that fits into all three is a rare find, or what I call an "ethical unicorn".  That's right, and when I'm lucky enough to discover one of these legendary commodities, I will be its biggest advocate. In that spirit I'm super excited to introduce you to my latest unicorn find: Yuhme.

As soon as I came across Yuhme on Instagram I was intrigued -- claiming to be "the world's most eco-friendly reusable water bottle" is bold, and I wanted to learn what set them apart. After a Skype call with their founder Alex I was sold, and I couldn't wait to collaborate with them...but apparently neither could someone at the Post Office. Yuhme shipped me a bottle, and instead, I received a empty box containing a note from USPS apologizing for damaging the package. I couldn't believe that the post would bother messily taping the box back up after taking out the bottle, and STILL shipping it to me like that! Oy. Graciously Yuhme immediately shipped me a replacement, and this time it arrived safely.

My expectations were exceeded; this bottle is everything they claim it is and more. It's dishwasher safe, fits in standard cup holders, holds 750ml/25.3 oz (more than average), and comes in three exclusive patterns. I chose the "Namaste" pattern -- a soft pastel, sugarcane graphic that represents the bottle's origin in the sugarcane fields of Brazil. You read that right, this bottle is made out of sugarcane.

Ethanol sugarcane is a renewable raw material that is used to produce Green Polyethylene. This sustainable type of plastic actually captures and removes CO2 from the atmosphere during production, giving it a coveted negative carbon footprint. You'll come across other companies that use sustainable materials like this but manufacture their products unethically. This isn't the case with Yuhme. Their bottles are designed and produced in Sweden in a zero-waste production site, and the end result is toxin-free and fully recyclable.

Alex and Alexandra, the amazing couple that founded Yuhme, weren't content to stop at producing the world's most eco-friendly reusable water bottle. They took it a step further by partnering with Water For Good, a non-profit that provides clean drinking water to impoverished communities in the Central African Republic. For each bottle sold, Yuhme donates 6 months of clean drinking water to a person in need.  Yuhme is an acronym of "You Us Humanity Me Environment" and they have succeeded in creating a product that protects and provides for their namesake.

When I received my Yuhme bottle in the mail I couldn't wait to go hiking with it, but Los Angeles got hit with a record amount of rain. Weeks later, as soon as the sun came out, my husband and I took it with us to hike Corral Canyon in Malibu. This loop takes you through a creek and up a trail that leads to stunning views of the ocean. We dressed in layers because there's no better end to a hike than hitting the beach, and as we took one last photo on the shore we felt raindrops begin to come down again. I'm happy we were able to fit this little day trip in while we could; I hope you enjoy the photos from it below! Lastly, because I want you all to bring along a Yuhme bottle on your next outdoor excursion, use the code "4good20" to take 20% off your next purchase!



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