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LUSH's Naked Collection: How to Extend 'Plastic Free July' All Year

This year for Plastic Free July I got serious about finding ways to ditch the plastic in my skincare, haircare and bodycare collections. I've learned that in order to make long-term sustainable changes, you have to actually like the products you're switching to, and it can be fatiguing and expensive to test out every product that comes recommended on Instagram, especially when you might break out or get a bad reaction from trying something new. Needless to say I felt a little overwhelmed about where to start.

Just in time, LUSH reached out to me about testing their line of "naked," package free products. I love their ethos and I've had great luck finding things that work for me there, so on Fourth of July weekend my husband and I drove to the beach to enjoy our babymoon, equipped with a haul of LUSH products to try out and pamper ourselves with.

It's been a little over a month since then, and I'm happy to report that I found 8 package free products that consistently give me the results I'm looking for. Now I can keep purchasing these items and extend Plastic Free July throughout the rest of the year, and I've found that these swaps will save me money in the long run as well. It's a win all around! Check out my list below and let me know what plastic free products you love the most.

I'm kicking off this list with the product that I'm most excited about -- the Seanik Shampoo Bar ($11.95). Before testing this out I had been loyally using LUSH's Big Shampoo for years, and I was skeptical that a bar of shampoo would be able to lather and cleanse my hair the same way, but boy was I wrong. It only takes 2-3 times of rubbing this bar directly onto my scalp to completely cover my hair with shampoo, and the seaweed and floral oils smell amazing! Not only is the Seanik Shampoo bar more cost effective than my other shampoo, but I keep it in a reusable tin so I never have to worry about recycling shampoo packaging again. That's a win for my bank account and a win for the environment. One thing to note, my hair is fine and tends to get more oily, so this helps give me the volume I'm looking for, but if your hair is thicker or more on the dry side, I'd recommend trying out a different bar. You can shop them all here.


This Big Solid Conditioner ($12.95) pairs with my Seanik Shampoo bar to give me the beachy volume I'm looking for. I don't use a lot of conditioner, I just need something to moisturize my ends, but I noticed that when I put this all over my hair it doesn't weigh it down like other brands I've tried. This also smells amazing, and I especially love that it's made with fair trade vanilla. Just like with the shampoo, if your hair is different than mine and you're looking for a heavier conditioner, they have several other options to try.


When I first heard that LUSH sold package free shower gel I was super intrigued. After trying out the American Cream Naked Shower Gel ($10.95), I discovered that it's similar in form to a bar of soap, yet this product is extra sudsy and moisturizing, and doesn't dry out your skin the way normal bars do. The strawberry and vanilla scent is subtly sweet, and stays on my skin without being overpowering. A little bit goes a long way, and after using it for over a month, I'm only about half way through it.


I've tried several types of scrubs from LUSH, but always find myself coming back to the aptly named Scrubee ($7.95). This little bumblebee-shaped body scrub and moisturizer was once a limited edition product, and it was so popular that employees and customers would buy boxes of them at a time. New shipments would immediately sell out, and I remember when it was hard to find any in stores. Thankfully, once the Scrubee achieved cult status, LUSH decided to make this a permanent part of their collection, and now there's plenty to go around. Use this at the end of your shower to exfoliate (via ground almonds and coconut shells) while simultaneously moisturizing with honey, cocoa and shea butter.


When it comes to package-free face wash, the Coalface Facial Cleanser ($14.95) is the best that I've found. I have combination skin, and my husband has sensitive dry skin, but we both saw positive results from using this. It's a gentle exfoliater and leaves your face feeling tight and clean.


When I first spoke to a LUSH representative about testing their naked collection, I asked if there were any products made for pregnant women since I'm in the middle of my third trimester. They recommended the Therapy Massage Bar ($12.95) for easing itchy skin and combatting stretch marks, two things that are high on my priority list. For the past couple weeks I've rubbed this on my belly every night before going to bed and so far I'm really pleased with the results. Thanks to the fair trade cocoa butter and organic neroli essential oil, it smells great and keeps my skin soft and elastic.


From what I understand, LUSH's original claim to fame was their fabulous and colorful assortment of bath bombs. I've tried many over the years and have yet to meet one I didn't like, but now I've finally found my favorite. The Turmeric Latte bath bomb ($7.95) named after my go-to hot beverage of choice, softens your skin and smells heavenly. Like everything else listed here, this product is plastic free. Keep it in the paper bag it comes in until you're ready to elevate your bath with a golden hue.


Like the shower gel, I had a hard time imagining how naked body lotion would look and function, and once again I was pleasantly surprised. Rub this solid Little Pot of Energy

($12.95) directly onto your skin and kiss your old plastic bottles of lotion goodbye. This lotion is more moisturizing than what I was using prior, and it's better for the environment. As an extra bonus, something about the citrusy scent helps wake me up, and since I'm not getting a lot of sleep this trimester (and won't be for awhile!) I need all the help I can get.



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