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VEERAH: Do Good and Look Incredible

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Stilettos are the poster child for the age-old adage, “beauty is pain. Many years ago I worked at a job that required that I stand in heels for 6 hours at a time, so I thought it would be worth the investment to save up and buy a designer pair. After trying everything from Manolo to Jimmy Choo, I didn’t notice a significant difference, and accepted my fate — band-aids and blisters. Since shifting towards ethical consumerism, I expected more of the same; even #forgood beauty is pain right? Wrong. Enter VEERAH, a responsibly sourced, luxury shoe brand that makes the most comfortable heels I’ve ever worn.

Are you ready to deconstruct that? Let’s start with VEERAH’s responsible sourcing. Their entire line is PETA approved vegan, in fact, they proudly claim that all of their materials are responsibly sourced and 100% cruelty free. When they say all, they mean ALL, from their antimicrobial insoles that reduce their carbon footprint, to their recycled shoe stuffing and their gorgeous shoe boxes made out of Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper. Those are just three examples out of fourteen that they have listed on their site. After working in manufacturing, I promise you, this is no simple feat (no pun intended). I encourage you to read through their ethical material glossary here when you get a chance.

Next, let’s tackle VEERAH’s luxury component. An anti-friction pillow in the back of each pair prevents your feet from slipping out, while plant-based memory foam is strategically placed to support your ball, heel and arch. Walking up and down steep hills for these photos should have been mildly uncomfortable at best, or torturous at worst, especially given that the shoes hadn’t been broken in yet, but I’m thrilled to report that I felt no discomfort. If they were that wearable the first time, I can only imagine that after rocking them at all my holiday soirees, come NYE I’ll be dancing in these beautiful babies all night.

Another component to luxury is disruptive, enviable style. Each pair of VEERAH shoes can be styled and reinvented multiple ways with their selection of snap-on accessories. For this look I chose the double reversible straps (they were nude patent vegan leather on the other side) to coordinate with the gold and black in my dress.

Other options include lace up tassels that come in black or nude — these can double as a necklace or a belt when not attached. The black heels above are their “Mulan” design — 4.2 inches tall with a hidden platform, and the nude heels below are the “Frida” — 3.2 inches tall. Both feature a flattering asymmetrical v-cut toe — a subtle yet sultry touch that I found flattering.

Perhaps my favorite option of all, depending on the day, is the single tassel. You can style these alone or mix and match with other VEERAH accessories. Their vibrant signature “Orchid Coral” print (made from post-consumer plastic bottles) pairs well with the nude tassels. The flirtiness of these kitten heels below (“The Maya” design) makes them just as sexy as their sky high counterparts.

The moment your first VEERAH order arrives on your doorstep you’ll be in awe of the difference they are making. It’s evident that creativity and respect for people and the environment went into every detail of their products, from their packaging to the shoes themselves. I haven’t even mentioned yet that they donate 1% of their profits, OR that they support She’s the First, a non-profit providing scholarships to girls in low income countries, OR that they offer their employees ten paid hours per month for volunteering and self-improvement courses. The majority of shoe companies don’t strive to do even one of these things.

VEERAH’s mission is simple: to do good and look incredible. They’ve tackled this goal with a ferocity that is fitting to their name (VEERAH comes from the Sanskrit word for “warrior”). If their #forgood orientation appeals to you, or if you’re merely looking for luxury shoes that are fashion forward and comfortable, then I suggest giving them a shot. They don’t usually run promotions, but they generously offered a deal for my readers. Use the code “MICHELLEFORGOOD” to receive $15 off your next order. Shop the collection here, and let me know which styles are your favorite!

All photos by Djae Outlaw.

Footwear provided by VEERAH.

Dresses provided by Junim Los Angeles.

All opinions are my own.



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