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UNCVRD: Jewelry to End Slavery

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

In the world of ethical companies, there are brands that give back, and then there's UNCVRD Jewelry. Most brands that decide to build charity into their business model donate between 1-10% of their profits. Meanwhile, UNCVRD leaves everyone in the dust and donates 40%. Let that sink in -- 40% of their profits!! That's unheard of for a for-profit company, but this sacrifice is driven by the desire to make an impact on a cause close to my heart, ending modern day slavery.

image via UNCVRD

I first met UNCVRD founder & designer Jen Bedrossian in 2015 at the Global Human Trafficking Conference in Beverly Hills. Fay and I had just launched The Tote Project, and we were looking to connect with other mission-based companies. Real talk -- back then most of the brands in the #forgood sphere were selling products that didn't fit my personal style, so although I wanted to support them, I usually couldn't find anything I wanted to buy. (It's crazy how far the industry has come in three short years!) Thankfully, that was not the case when I came across Jen's table at the event and discovered UNCVRD Jewelry. Not only was she generously giving back to the same cause we were supporting, but I would have gladly worn all of her designs. I made my first purchase that day, a dainty crystal necklace that I still wear often.

The Quartz Tassel earrings were gifted to me by Jen for my trip to Europe this past winter. Since it was cold, and usually raining or snowing wherever we visited, it was nice getting to dress up my coat/beanie/scarf combo with these Breakfast At Tiffany's-esque tassels. Each item in their collection supports one of four different impact programs for human trafficking survivors and women at risk, and the Quartz Tassels support a women's jail ministry that provides education and job training.

Jen designs and handcrafts each piece of jewelry sold, and I'm proud to wear my growing collection of her pieces. I can answer the Fashion Revolution question, "Who made my ____?" with "My friend!", and every time someone compliments what I'm wearing, I get to share the brand's inspiring story and raise awareness about human trafficking. Brands like UNCVRD Jewelry give me hope that ethical products will become the new norm instead of a niche, because when you're presented with a stylish, affordable option that makes the world a better place, why would anyone ever choose the alternative?



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